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Welcome to ride-share matching for employees of Surrey Pre-Trial Services Centre. Register at this website to search and match up with other people who work at Surrey Pre-Trial Services Centre, or other people who work nearby.

  1. Register for free with an email address ending in
  2. Enter a trip.
    • Add your origin and destination using addresses, GPS coordinates, choosing from a list, or clicking on a map. Choose the days you want to ride-share or a specific date. One-way or return.
    • If necessary, edit the automatically generated route to show your preferred travel route.
  3. Search for matches.
    • Our system searches for similar destinations and times and checks if you can be picked up along someone‚Äôs way, or if you can pick someone else up.
    • Use match options to refine your search until your best matches are displayed.
    • You might be matched with one of our fleet vehicles. For a description of this service and a list of empty seats, click here.
  4. Chat, Invite and Decide.
    • Chat anonymously until you're ready to send or accept an invite to ride-share

  5. Start ridesharing!

CONSIDER riding in our fleet vehicles (vans/cars) with others 5 days a week. Pay a monthly fare with no long-term contract. View a list of available seats or use a fleet vehicle if you put your own group together. Contact us for info.

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